The Buckhorn Theater, Alice Texas
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This is one of my favorite images. The camera looks up through the support beams behind the screen. The wood beams appear to be in excellent condition.

The camera has now moved completely around past the left side of the screen. There are several points of interest in this picture. First, the mysterious "rings" can be seen at the top of the screen. No satisfactory explanation has been found for them to date. Second, the deposits of moss are not even across the face of the screen. Rick speculated that individual panel sections might be made of a different material or painted with a different type of paint. Third, the object in the bottom center of the picture is a fountain! Yes, the Buckhorn had a fountain in front of the ticket booth.

Here is a better picture of the fountain. It must have been beautiful when it was constructed.

Yet another view of the fountain.

The sun was low on the horizon. The ticket booth was completely in the shade of some large trees.

The exposure on this image is higher. There is a lane on each side of the ticket booth. Either it had two entrance lanes or an entrance and an exit at the same location.

A rather poor picture of the inside of the ticket booth. This picture was taken looking through the ticket booth towards the screen lot.

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