The Skyborn Drive-In Theater, State Route 235, Fairborn, Ohio 45324 - (937) 878-5022

Pictures by George Davis, March 2002

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The marquee of the Skyborn Theater as seen from the road.

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Turning in, we find the entrance. This theater must be closed. The word "entrance" has been removed from the cover over the ticket booth.

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A close-up of the terms of patronage!

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Here is a view inside the lot. It looks clean and well kept. Maybe it is open?

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Here is a close-up of a speaker pole. I've not seen above ground concrete bases before. Does this indicate problems with the soil or have frequent repavings made this type of base more cost effective? Also, there appears to be a junction box about half way up the pole. Were speakers meant to be plugged in here instead of being hard wired into the pole?

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A view of the marque from the exit lane.


We received this e-mail from a former employee of the Skyborn on 2 Jun 2003.


I'm a projectionist in west central Ohio, and have worked at the Skyborn drive-in. I saw the pictures and captions on your website. Let me tell you more.

The word "entrance" above the box office lights up in green neon during the nights when the theater is open.

The sound system there now is F.M. stereo and regular A.M. If the you are in has a good sound system it is actually better than some of the indoor theaters. The first movie I saw there with that was "Titanic". When the ship hit the iceberg I thought the car shook.

Unfortunately the speakers were hard wired into the poles and had to be disconnected and re-attached each season it was open before they were completely abandoned a year or two ago.

The theater used to run year round. The junction boxes on the speaker poles were for the electric car heaters that were used in the cold weather months. The cord was long enough for the heater to be set on the floor of the vehicle with the window rolled up.

The usual season there now runs from the middle of May until sometime around Labor day. Longer if the movies draw a good crowd and the weather stays pleasant. No more heaters either.

The above ground concrete base is the norm here. All of the drive-ins that I know of in this area have them.

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