Black text by: Terry Moore

Red text by: Rick Stivers

On 7 Dec 2000, Rick Stivers and I attempted to locate, and explore all the known drive-in theater sites in San Antonio.  Due to time constraints we were unable to complete the task.  The following is a  report on those sites we visited. 

In some cases, our Internet research supplied actual street numbers.  In those cases, we were able to make an accurate assessment of the situation.  In cases without street numbers, we resorted to looking for large parcels of undeveloped land or large developed areas that "looked" newer than the closing date of the property.

This proved to be much harder than I thought it would.  As we arrived at each suspected location (Which was usually a crossroads), we would have to drive in all four directions or get out and scout on foot.  With traffic as busy as it was we had to stay alert to keep from getting run down.  Many times we would have to drive several blocks beyond our location just to get turned back around.

During additional visits to sites and research in the San Antonio Public Library we continuing to track down further information.  If you come across information that you think would be useful in our continuing search please feel free to contact us.

San Antonio is currently down to only one operational Drive In, the Mission 4.  For Weekly Entertainment you can read Terry Moore's weekly reports from the Mission Drive-In by visting the reports index.

Here is the Etiquette and Survival Guide

Only 88 miles away is the brand new Crossroads Drive-in.  It is located 3 miles east of Shinner Texas.  Terry's reports on this drive-in can be read here and their official drive-in page is here.

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